To meander the Magaliesberg and to enjoy its beauty and understand the romance of its turbulent history is a great privilege. Its protection has been a continuous battle by dedicated conservationists and landowners.

Mountains of Wonder

Clear streams tumble down shady gorges, or spill over high waterfalls. Woodland and grassland reward the rambler with spectacular rockscapes, birdlife and glimpses of wildlife.

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We work to conserve the Magaliesberg Mountains by -

Conserve the Magaliesberg Mountain

It is an interesting facet of human behaviour that it was to the mountains we used to flee when there was enough trouble and, today, it is to the mountains we retreat from the tensions we have created in the valleys. That is the value of the Magaliesberg.....James Clarke



The conservation of these mountains, so that their tranquility and beauty, biodiversity and history are sustained for future generations

Founded 1975

The Magaliesberg Protection Association is a registered Non-Profit Organisation: NPO 043-713

Magaliesberg Projects

Many projects in the Magaliesberg aid in the conservation objective.

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